Counseling for Couples

Couples often seek therapy to understand the problems and conflicts that are causing pain and threatening the relationship. Many times, just being in the presence of a therapist makes the communication process feel safer and more comfortable. Together we will search for ways to decrease the cycles of critical, bitter interactions or stonewalling and silence, and move to replace these with positive cycles where care and warmth can be expressed. These different patterns of interacting can bring about new ways of being in a relationship that allow for closeness and security. Sometimes only one member of a couple feels comfortable or ready to seek help and often a relationship can see vast improvement from this.

The early stage of a partnership, before marriage, is the time to explore your beliefs, emotions and expectations of the relationship. Strengthening the foundation from which you will grow together is a valuable and important step to take. In premarital counseling we will work to strengthen communication skills, understand role expectations, develop effective conflict resolution skills, discuss spiritual beliefs and learn how to deeply listen.

Feel free to contact me and learn more about how therapy might be helpful.